Per Helge Moen

"My focus is to play with light, shapes and colours. To develop ideas. To feel enthusiasm of processes. Transform motifs into a two-dimensional world with my own hands. Enjoy the results. Receive acknowledgement. That's how simple it is."


Per Helge Moen, born 1962 in Oslo, studied at The Norwegian College of Art and Design from 1981 to 1985. After graduation, Moen worked for several years as a book illustrator for some of the major publishing houses in Norway, and as a court illustrator for a newspaper.

Early in the 90's Per Helge traveled for 2 years on an unforgettable circumnavigation of the globe in a home made sailboat. Here, he collected much inspiration, and these impressions can be detected in much of his art, also in his more recent production.

For the time being, Per Helge is having a project going on together with his old, well-used car, which he calls his "art-mobile", using it as a rolling studio. Together they create small, manageable paintings with motifs from wherever they go. Later, many of them will end up in larger formats.